Mei 18, 2006 at 7:41 am (Polemik)

One of the superb book that stimulates my mind to reconceive about the feminism theory is "Why Men Don't Listen and Why Women Can't Read Maps", written by Allan and Barbara Pease. Look to the title, seems to be a silly book, huh 🙂 Anyways, the first question that arises is why could men dominate the patriarchy culture? So, the book tries to unmask this question by serving some of the medical and hormonal facts and researches that distinguish between men and women, particularly in terms of job separation. Even from the very prehistoric culture..woohaa!

Nonetheless, i found few of men who like to prepare food for their children, make a milk for their babies, etc, regardless their job at the office. Probably, i really want to be that kind of man as well. No need to be shame (that's why i like to cook and i found that my girlfriend is not that eager to be with children:p-yet that's ok). So i think, we can still shape ourselves to be something or someone that we want to be since we have "self-awareness", even though we are usually thought by our "social mirror" that women are there to feed their babies and men have to carry out their tasks earning money for the sake of their family.

OK, ada tanggapan?



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